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The FTC ID Theft Consumer Website

The FTC ID Theft Consumer Website

FTC ID theft information is online for convenient use. The Federal Trade Commission makes obtaining FTC id theft information easy.

Online the FTC has lots of critical id theft information. On the ‘Immediate Steps to Repair Identity Theft’ page on the website the FTC provides all the crucial steps to combating identity theft. Furthermore in the ‘Protecting Your Identity’ page there is the necessary actions to protecting your information.

The other very useful and informative page is the ‘Scam Alert.’ This page keep you updated with the new scams that identity theft crooks are doing. Visiting this page on the regular basis will keep you updated on the malicious identity theft crimes that are happening among us.

Another part of the ‘scam alert’ page is a section were you can report a scam if you have seen one. This great feature helps everyone be on the cutting edge and contribute to combating identity theft.

When you move onto the ‘Computer Security’ page you’ll see ftc id theft tips to ensure computer security. Now a days, according to FTC id theft statistics, many identity theft crimes occur online. It is very important to go over every section on this page.

According to the Federal Trade Commission there are many computer security precautions. Some of the sections that the FTC covers are: disposing of old computers, laptop security, malware, and phising.

All of these different sections that the FTC has on their site are necessary to understand. There are many different ways that personal information can be at risk. FTC id theft is quite easy to understand and comprehend. It is a lot of information, however if you want to prevent or recover for id theft the FTC website is a must read. For more information please visit the FTC site at:





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